In 2007 Rev. Lillian Smith, a pastor in the Baltimore-Washington Conference, wrote an article titled "Lent provides chances for respite from the whirlwind." As Rev. Smith states in the beginning of her article:

"Let's face it. Our lives are busy. One commercial expresses it this way, ‘Life comes at you fast.’ ... Meetings, work, sports practices and music lessons make demands on our time. That reality is true for people in and outside of the church. Even faithful Christians get caught up in life's whirlwind. Our busyness desensitizes us to God, causing us to lose our sense of awe. We lose an appreciation of what God has done and continues to do on our behalf. Our faith walks become routine and we just go through the motions. In our busyness it often becomes hard to hear what God is saying to us."


Mission Camp 2016 Coordinators Needed

Preparations for Children's Mission Camp 2016, August 1-5, are underway. Additional coordinators are needed to ensure this year's camp helps our children on their way to a lifetime of mission service. Coordinators will attend 1 - 3 planning meetings before August, help onsite at least one day of the camp, and help with an aspect of marketing. Contact the church if you would be willing to help.


Ashton Christian Preschool is working with ShareBaby, a nonprofit organization which collects new and gently used baby items and distributes them to Maryland homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters. These items can include baby clothes for ages birth-5, maternity clothes, blankets and swadles, swings, high chairs, etc. Donated toys must be new. A major item needed is diapers (packs may be opened or unopened). If you have items to contribute, please contact the church. (Diapers may be brought in at any time, as this is an ongoing need.)